Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Greetings from the Jesuit Center in Amman Jordan

Lay colleagues Marcus Bleech and Tricia Steadman Jump from the Jesuit Conference in Washington, D.C. and Alice Poltorick, communications director for the New England province, had the pleasure of visiting the Jesuit Center in Amman Jordan on Sunday. 

In Amman, it's the center of lay workers and the Jesuit fathers in Jordan. The centers mission is the service of the faithful Christian in different theological and spiritual fields and in pastoral works. Its different works are performed by a group of Jesuit priests, together with a group of laypersons, who have specialized in theological and spiritual education.

Marcus, Tricia and Alice met with Jesuit Father Al Hicks, missioned to Jordan from the New England province and superior of the community as well as Jesuit Father Kevin O'Connell, also of the New England province and pastor of the English-language Catholic parish in Amman. They also joined the congregation at St. Joseph Church in Amman for Sunday Mass concelebrated by Frs. Hicks and O'Connnell. 

Video interviews and additional articles about the works of the Jesuit Center in Amman will be posted in the new weeks. In the meantime, below are few photos from the visit.