Friday, October 30, 2009

Jesuit Collaborative Launches New Blog

Jesuit Father John Predmore
The Jesuit Collaborative has added a blog to its website with the goal of providing opportunities to enter into Ignatian prayer and reflection on a regular basis.

Jesuit Father John Predmore, creator the blog, will feature reflections on scripture, Ignatian prayers and Jesuit history. Fr. Predmore will continue to author blog posts several times each week while special guests will be invited to author postings on the site. This new prayer resource supports the Jesuit Collaborative's mission of promoting the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. 

The Jesuit Collaborative is a professional association of Jesuits, laypersons, clergy, and religious who share in common the spiritual tradition of St. Ignatius. The Collaborative promotes networking, reflection, scholarship, and learning while coordinating the diverse ministries that derive from the Spiritual Exercises. The Collaborative is pledged to serve the Church by providing for the spiritual development and care of persons, forming leaders, and nurturing a faith that does justice.