Monday, November 9, 2009

Cristo Rey “Take Your Teacher to Work Day” Puts Teachers in Corporate Offices

Jesuit Father John Swope gets tips on mail delivery at M&T Bank from student Allan Johnson (Courtesy National Examiner) 
If you know Cristo Rey Jesuit High School , you know about its Corporate Internship Program (CIP) which helps makes a private, college preparatory education affordable to young men and women living in some of Baltimore’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods. Through CIP, the school's 273students contribute toward the cost of their education by working five full days each month in entry-level positions at one of 66 businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout Baltimore.

Last week, 26 Cristo Rey Jesuit teachers and administrators "shadowed" students in corporate offices throughout the Baltimore area, in the school’s first “Take Your Teacher to Work Day.”

Jesuit Father John W. Swope, president of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, who worked at M&T Bank on Friday, under the guidance of junior, Allan Johnson, Jr. said, "Allan and other Cristo Rey Jesuit students who work at M&T Bank take on real responsibilities for projects. In doing so, they learn critical skills for work, college and life."  

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